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Coming Fall 2021

Rachel Levina is proud to announce it's highly-anticipated release of luxury, small-batch candles! Infuse your life with serenity, well-being and balance with our hand-poured aromatherapy candles,


Each candle is mindfully crafted with your safety and serenity in mind. Featuring natural soy wax, essential oils, and hand-dipped wicks, our non-toxic candles are infused with the intention of restoration and healing. 


  • Our Chakra Collection is specifically curated by Rachel to bring balance to each energetic center in your body. Combining the alchemy of essential oils and the high-vibration of Reiki energy, let the subtle scents and gentle flicker nourish your soul.  


  • Our Color Collection features hand-painted candle vessels that illuminate your space with a soft beauty. Each vessel is unique and features a mesmerizing display of color to accentuate any decor. 


  • Our Earth Collection blends Botanica-style candles with the healing properties of sustainably-sourced herbs, roots, and flowers. Reconnect with nature and the gifts she offers with these beautifully crafted candles. 

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