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What is Energy Healing? 

Energy healing is a holistic process that seeks to bring balance and harmony to the body's energetic system. Ancient cultures have studied these systems and developed modalities to remove blockages in our energetic centers and encourage the body to heal itself.

What Types of Energy Healing do you Offer?

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is a Japanese healing art that translates into "Higher Power" and "Life Force Energy". Reiki promotes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness while reducing stress. Reiki seeks to bring balance to your chakras and your entire energetic system. Although Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not tied to any religious affiliation.

Archangelic Light (AL for short) draws its energy from the Divine Feminine, Archangels and Angels. AL is a beautiful energy that promotes spiritual healing at its root cause. AL supports the act of positive intention and worked to unblock barriers while bringing balance to your true self.

Energy is limitless and it flows wherever it is needed - that's the beauty and magic of Distance Energy Healing. As a Master practitioner of both Reiki and AL, I am able to send both forms of energy to you regardless of your location. Distance healing works the same as an in-person session and offers the same benefits.

What about Spiritual Coaching? 

Life can be challenging and sometimes we need to take a different perspective at our issues to help find breakthroughs and reveal our truest wishes and desires. Spiritual coaching works to holistically approach what life places at your feet and offers guidance on how to accomplish your goals and be your best self. 

What is a Session Like?

Before each session, I spend time with you to get to know your needs and what you seek from energy healing - whether it's help with an emotional need, spiritual guidance, or a combination of goals. 


After we establish your intention for the session, I will ask you to remove your shoes and offer to smudge you (waft the smoke of sage or palo santo over you to help clear your energy), offer a prayer in alignment with your intentions.

If you've booked me for an energy healing or PLR session, my space offers a comfortable place for you to relax while I work with you during your session. 

If you've booked me for spiritual coaching, we'll spend our time talking about whatever bubbles up for you and I'll help you develop a plan to bring harmony and vibrancy to your life.

How Will I Feel?

Everyone responds differently to energy healing. During an energy healing session, some people may experience subtle temperature changes, feel tingling, see colors, or not feel anything at all. However, it is common to feel a strong sense of relaxation and peace. 

After energy healing, some clients may experience a temporary side effects such as a mild headache or increased tiredness. These symptoms naturally result from the process of bringing the flow of healing energy into the body and are not caused by the energy healing itself. They are nature's way of purifying the body, mind, emotions, and the soul, making way for healing to be grounded in the body.


Usually these symptoms will fade away the day after the session. Although rarely needed, I offer assistance for all clients that experience any lingering side effects.

What is Past Life Progression? 

Past Life Regression (PLR) allows you to explore one or more of your past life experiences in a safe and secure environment. PLR helps to uncover any unexplained challenges, fears or behaviors that have carried into your present life cycle. The knowledge of past life experiences brings clarity and understanding for growth and healing.

How Often Should I Return? 

There's no hard-rule on how often to book my services. Just as our homes get dirty over time, our energy systems can frequently become dirtied with stress and other life factors and require a reset. While a general suggestion is once a month, feel free to book a session whenever feels best for you. 

About Me

About Rachel Levina

My spiritual work sprouted from a lifelong passion to heal others from a holistic and nurturing approach. As a child, I remember helping to soothe my mother through her many battles with chronic illness by making her PB&J sandwiches, lying next to her, and praying for her health.


As an adult, my personal studies and journey towards oneness led me to the beauty of energy healing. In 2016, I began to study Reiki and Archangelic Light as a way to connect with others while helping them overcome the barriers that prevent wellness and oneness. As a Master-level Reiki and Archangelic Light practitioner, I look forward to helping others find balance in every aspect of their lives. 

Working as an energy healer led me to expand my services into other areas such as Past Life Regression, Spiritual Coaching, and Tarot. Also, as a Reiki Master Teacher, I am able to offer Reiki First and Second Degree training to anyone interested in learning how to share Reiki with others. 


My academic background in Psychology has helped me explore the wonders of the mind and the world around us. I always love to learn and pick up fun facts about random topics. I also love to watch documentaries and go to museums whenever I travel.

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When I went to Rachel for Reiki, I didn't really know what to expect. However, as soon as I arrived at her beautiful studio, she set me at ease. She started the process by spending time getting to know me and what I needed. She made me feel 100% comfortable, welcome and relaxed. 

Rachel truly listened, and together we worked out the focus of healing. I'll be honest I was a bit skeptical at first, but Rachel was extremely gently, calming and knowledgeable.  The feeling that I got during and after our session is almost un-explainable. I had this amazing sense of relaxation, calm and focus I had not felt in quite some time. I left with a beautiful sense of peace, gratitude and bliss. 

Kisha S.

While I am not a stranger to reiki, I am new in discovering reiki with Rachel and it has truly been one of the best decisions I've ever made in choosing to work with her. After the recent tragic death of my girlfriend, I knew how much disharmony my mind and body was in and knew how beneficial reiki would be. Enter Rachel. She is truly a healer. She is a wonderfully kind, compassionate person, very easy to talk to and is super attentive and respectful to your needs. And that certainly translates into being in a space where there's a level of 100% trust and comfort around her. The session was an incredible experience and I could feel the level of peace it created within me in the coming days after session. I am so thankful to have found her and all of that wonderful healing reiki energy and I look forward to continuing to work with her. Incredible experience. Highly recommended!

Doug R. 

So much has transpired since my session with you! You are simply amazing I'm so thankful spirit led me to you for my session You helped me revisit things that indeed needed healing along with bringing so much clarity to things that I'd been struggling with internally. I'm so appreciative of you and for you! I've recommended you to all my friends and they will be booking soon. I'll probably see you even sooner! You are indeed a part of my journey towards alignment. Peace & Blessings always.

Jess L.


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